A Ticket To Paris

“One ticket to Paris, please” were the only 5 words that I had been waiting to tell since my teenage which turned out to happen in reality pretty much soon and was very excited away the trip. I was completely fascinated about Paris, a city of love. I don’t really know about when and how Paris started meaning so much to me, it could be anything like the internet, movies and the stories written and said about this beautiful city. Earlier, I had discussed about my dream visit to Paris with my 6 years long boyfriend but he always ended the conversation saying “We will go for our honeymoon once we get married” and it was devastating for me to hear. I felt I was being suppressed, I wanted to live a life on my own terms and conditions but he was holding me back and I understood that our relationship was going towards to the end.

One day, I found my boyfriend sharing a bed with a girl in a hotel bedroom and I was shattered seeing the same but I didn’t react at all. That day, something broke inside me, there was a storm going within me but I was calm outside. The girl on the bed was invisible to me, it was just about how my boyfriend cheated on me over some other girl. I walked out of the hotel room with all my belongings and headed straight to the airport and flew to my dream city, all alone. Obviously, I didn’t expect my dream trip to happen this way. It wasn’t pure joy but it was definitely one of my most memorable trips ever. Paris thought me how self-love is much more precious than any other love. I found my real self; I followed my instincts and did whatever I wished to. There was no one to control me or push me, stop me from doing anything.

 I was free bird by then. I enjoyed every moment of my solo trip, I ordered food of my choice, shopped for myself, explored places and made most of time there. The closest to my heart is when I decided to stand under the Eiffel Tower and took of picture of me, not me and an imaginary him kissing. That day I understood my actual happiness. Yes, Paris is undoubtedly the city of love.

Sai Kiran

Hello everyone, Sai Kiran here. I have traveled most of this countries and I'm privileged to share information about the tips and destinations that are worth considering and also travel stories that would inspire you to travel more.

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