Best Places To Visit in India During Summer

Summer is just a few months away to end its heat, the average temperature of most cities in India is about 35 to 38 degree Celsius. If you are a frequent traveller or wish to go out somewhere with your friends or family this summer then you should check out the best places to visit India during summer. India is a country known for its different culture and tradition filled with legacy and heritage, there are many natural and heritage places where you can visit this summer to relax and chill. Check out the following list below:

  • Kashmir:

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Known as the crown of India and the capital destination for tourists during Summers Kashmir is the best place you can visit this summer with your family or friends. Known for its amazing natural landscapes and world-famous places like Dal Lake, Tulip garden of Srinagar none of a single person can complain anything about this place’s beauty and nature. For more adventure, you can ride the popular thrilling Gondola in Gulmarg or you can try out trekking in one of the alpine lakes. Try out some of the popular local places like floating garden, pristine Valleys and other natural scenes for amazing clicks. 

  • Coorg (Kodagu), Karnataka:

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Frequently referred to as Scotland of India Coorg usually called as Kodagu is spread out across the Western Ghats is one of the best places to visit India during summer. If you want to visit a place where you can just sit, relax and just watch the clouds passing by then this place is the one amazing and beautiful destination. The temperature here is just cool and relaxing from the soaring heat in the cities. Do check out some amazing greenery, cool weather and some of the famous tourist places that are best for peace lover and travel enthusiast.

  • Ladakh:

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The ultimate holiday and travel destination for those people who want to experience that are beyond the books the Ladakh is the best place you can explore this summer. With a cold barren desert where you can hear the hills calling this place truly unveils the real struggle and difficulties that people go through to stay healthy and alive. The temperature is very low throughout the year which makes Ladakh best place to travel during summers.

If you wish to take a break from your professional life and busy lifestyle then make sure you check out the best places to visit India during summer and pick the best location you want to visit and enjoy your travel.

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