Love Story From Lisbon To Norway

It all begun in a hostel at Lisbon, it was the first time I saw her and felt the vibe of love at first sight but I did not really think of that far. The meet at the hostel was pleasant, we both bonded really well and exchanged Facebook accounts.

And fortunately, I didn’t have to look for her too long over Facebook, the moment I put in her name, I found her and that didn’t make me a stalker too. We continued to talking on Facebook, spoke about the most random things to keep the conversation on and got to know her more by speak about likes and dislikes. Everything was going perfect, we waited for each other’s message, had long hours conversation which made me think that we actually can connect really well and there’s something special about her which makes her different from the girls that I have come across till date.

And then one fine day, I decided to head to Norway to see her as well as explore the beautiful city. Before I actually booked my tickets, I made my mind that I would be fine even if she and I don’t connect really well in the outside world, I would happily explore one of the most beautiful city Norway to the fullest making great memories.

I finally landed to Norway and checked in a hostel room and informed her about the same. We decided to meet at the earliest and the time had come where I was all ready to meet the prettiest girl of my life. I went to her with an open heart and so did she, we gelled up well and she was my ultimate tourist guide till my stay at the Norway, she took me to mountains, made me eat its famous and extremely delicious Norwegian cakes which made me feel that somewhere too was genuinely attracted towards me. Time flew and we eventually became much more than just friends. I then changed my bunk bed room to a double bedroom so that we could spend much more quality time together and know each other well and we finally confessed our love for each other.

And after the trip, we continued travelling to meet each other and then it was when she finally decided to move in with me to Lisbon and we then lived a happy life together.

Sai Kiran

Hello everyone, Sai Kiran here. I have traveled most of this countries and I'm privileged to share information about the tips and destinations that are worth considering and also travel stories that would inspire you to travel more.

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