The Selfie Stick Fiasco At Venice

I was in Venice in Italy. As a backpacker who was visiting a house that was transformed beautifully into a museum. Later on, I explored that was an incredible terrace perched on the Grand Canal which made me fall in love with its charm. It was truly a happy place which could refresh anybody and everybody. The sparkling water, the magnificent colors, the calm of this hidden gem was mesmerizing. I deeply wanted this single moment, being the most beautiful of my life to immortalize. And the only way that could be done was to capture it in my eyes and in my camera so that could cherish the beauty of it my for my entire life.

And, so I finally decided to take out a mysterious object from my bag which I had been carrying from quite some time that people from all around corners had been talking about. Being one of the most essential objects for travelers, it was one for people like me who wished to capture every aspect of the city widely and beautifully without much interruptions. The object was none other than the “selfie stick” which has the potential to capture amazing pictures with a happy face along with the beautiful background.

Initially, I was very shy to use it has those days it was very rare technology use by least travelers, I didn’t wanted people to stare at me or mu selfie stick while I get busy clicking pictures and so, I decided to wait until there’s no one around. The wait went on to be a bit long but I was ready to wait it because I was sure that the wait would be worth it as I would then not be conscious about myself and click pictures comfortably. And, finally I got the moment for which I had been waiting for. I organized the selfie stick and put my phone on to it when I was all alone. I was all set and so my selfie stick paired with my phone. And then the funniest thing happened, the stick fell apart which was not supposed to, my mobile phone fell on the ground which was not supposed to and it slid and directly went underneath the narrow opening of the fence which was also not supposed to happen

And there I was, at Venice, flattering and cursing the Grand Canal.

Sai Kiran

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