The Thai Man To The Rescue

My friends and I were on a trip to Phuket, Thailand living the best days of life, partying hard and having most yummy sea food ever. But it’s obvious that more you spend your energy while having fun, the more exhausted you feel the other day and that’s what had happened with me.  The morning was as normal as any other day, but it was a bit lazier for me than any other day. We were in stay at a hostel in Phuket and it was our returning day. We were supposed to check out at 12. Packing were done, everything was set and the only thing that was left was me to take shower.

Around 11’0 clock, coming out of my hangover I finally decided to take shower so, that we check out on time. I stripped off all my clothes standing right outside the bathroom and a closed door behind me and was about to start with my shower and the next thing that came to me in a very few minutes was a doorknob in my hand which means I was standing naked behind a closed door with no way to step out from there without any sort of help.

My friend Caroline heard the noise and questioned me about what exactly was going on with me. Other than spilling out the beans, I had no option has she was the only one there to rescue me and we continued for laughing for minutes together before she tried to open the door from the handle of the other side but that too didn’t work out.

We then thought of using our cutlery as an locksmith, hoping that he would crack the lock but I attempt also turned out to be a huge failure and there I was standing naked with no towel in the room to cover myself. We then finally decided to seek help, Caroline went out to bring in some help for me and I stood still wondering that this situation is only meant to happen in movies. She returned with a staff member, a Thai man putting in all efforts to bring me out.

While he got busy hunting for tools, I requested Caroline to pass me my pants before the man open the door for me. And, he finally cracked the door and there was I standing with my boxers and a grin on.

The Thai man didn’t know what to do, he ran back at the earliest. And, we managed to check out from the hotel before 12’0 clock.

Sai Kiran

Hello everyone, Sai Kiran here. I have traveled most of this countries and I'm privileged to share information about the tips and destinations that are worth considering and also travel stories that would inspire you to travel more.

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